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Imagine this: A brand + website that has your
dream clients & customers falling
head-over-heels for you.

Imagine this: A brand
+ website that has
your dream clients
falling head over
heels for you.

Our Process (aka "the hoopla")


Brand Story

Even if there are a million other companies in your market, your biz is unique because you are. Let’s uncover your one-of-a-kind Brand Story by blending who you are with what you do. Using our Kickass Branding 101 worksheets, you’ll find your niche, dive deep into your brand purpose, and craft your kickass brand story that has your dreamiest of dream clients and customers at arms length. Side effects include: complete brand clairity.

Gold Prism Creative

Brand Identity

This is where magic starts to happen. We take your kickass brand story and communicate it visually. We’re talking moodboards, logo designs, color palettes, typography, and design elements all designed to tell your unique brand story and create a solid brand foundation. We pull this all together into a Brand Identity Guide for you to keep in your back pocket to make sure you stay true to your brand.

Gold Prism Creative

Website Design

As a solopreneur, your website is like a billboard for your business so it has to be spectacular. With your Brand Identity in tow, we get crafty creating website design mockups that seamlessly reflect your brand and work in all those little elements that make your biz unique. This has to be one of the most exciting parts of the process, so be prepared to get giddy with excitement like a tween at a Bieber concert.

Gold Prism Creative

Website Development

Here’s where we totally geek out and code your website to bring the design mockup to life. Everything is built with you in mind, so you can kickass online without knowing a lick of code. We even walk you through it all during a 1:1 tutorial session so you have a solid game plan for how to manage your website completely on your own. #killingit

Ready to kickass online?

Investment: $6,500

Brand Story

Access to our Kickass Branding 101 worksheets

1 hour 1:1 brand styling chat to review and finalize your brand story

Brand Identity

Brand moodboard

3 logo concept designs to choose from

Final logo design: main, variation, and submark

Favicon design

Typography, color palette, and design elements

Brand Identity Guide

Website Design

Design mockup of Homepage, Blog, and up to 2 interior custom pages

Website Development

Completely responsive website optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile

Development of Homepage, Blog, and up to 2 interior custom pages

Development of basic Contact Page with contact form

Integration of Instagram feed (if desired)

Integration of email newsletter sign-up form (if desired)

1 hour 1:1 tutorial session to teach you how to use and manage your website all on your own.

+ eCommerce

Investment: additional $2,000

All of the above, plus:

Fully functional online shop built on the Shopify platform

Design mockup of Collection Page and Product Page

Development of Collection Page with collections menu and product sorting

Development of Product Page with integration of Product Reviews (if desired)

Setup of cart, checkout, customer login, and customer account

Integration of Featured Products on Homepage (if desired)

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  • "If you want to crush it online, HIRE. THIS. GIRL! I had a vision of what I wanted but Kaylyn was able to bring it to life in a bigger and better way than I could have ever imagined."

    Ashley, Hologram Branding

  • Gold Prism Creative
  • "The branding exercise Kaylyn takes her clients through is thought provoking and eye opening. It forced me to dig deep and uncover the true why of my business and finally figure out how to build a community through retail"

    Dominique, InPursuit Mobile Boutique

Questions we get asked (like, a lot)

Is a logo included?

Absolutely! This is one of the first things we work on as part of your Brand Identity. If you already have a logo and don’t want us to give it a refresh, this extra time will be spent putting some more love into the design of your website.

What platforms do you build websites on?

We specalize in kickass Wordpress and Shopify websites. We also knockout Squarespace websites lickidy split. We know these platforms inside out, so don’t worry about needing to know what one is best for your biz - we’ll chat about what you need to kickass online and recommend the best platform for your website!

Will my website look kickass on mobile too?

YES. We build all of our websites to be responsive - which means that they look kickass across all kinds of screen widths and devices.

Can you make me biz cards to match my new brand?

Yep! We do design, but not printing. All designs would be compatible for printing at

How long does it take to get my new brand + website live?

We wanna make you kickass online, QUICK - so we tweaked the design and development process to do just that. Our basic websites are launched in a matter of weeks (typically just 4 sweet weeks). If you’re looking for eCommerce, then plan on an additional 1-2 weeks to get your online shop up and taking orders.

What do I have to have ready to get started?

You’ll need to have all of your web copy finalized and all of your images gathered before we get going. There is also some project prep work that you’ll need to run through - like completing a design brief and the Kickass Branding worksheets.

Should I wait until I have everything ready before contacting you to book my project?

Reach out ASAP! We typically book a couple months in advance, so it’s best to touch base and get your project booked in. We’ll make sure that we schedule your project far enough in advance to give you all the time you need to get everything you need to get together on your end.

How long do the Kickass Branding worksheets take to complete?

The purpose of the worksheets is to guide you through establishing a solid brand foundation. How long it will take to work through them really depends on where you are at with your brand. There are five modules and we’d recommend taking a few hours a week for each to give your brain some time to dream up some wild ideas. If you’ve already done a lot of work on the branding front, then these worksheets will be more of a fill-in-the-blank exercise that you’ll be able to run through quickly to get all the juicy details of your brand vibe to us to work our magic.

How does the design process work?

The design process is super collaborative to ensure that you’re crushing on absolutely everything that we create. We have a full blown design brief and 1:1 brand styling chat before getting started to make sure we’re on the same page. Each stage of the design process has a review period where you’ll be able to give us feedback so the final product is exactly what you want!

What if I need more interior website pages than what’s included?

We can do whatever you need to make your brand + website dreams come true. If that’s more pages, we’ll tack them on and build a custom package just for you!