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I quit my engineering career, chased
curiosity, and built the business of my dreams.
Now I want to help you do the same.

I quit my
engineering career,
chased curiosity, and
built the business
of my dreams.

Hey! I'm Kaylyn founder, designer + developer
Gold Prism Creative
Can I let you in on a secret that most designers & developers won't tell you?
Your brand + website shouldn't take months of headache & heartbreak to create. And it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.


I’ve heard countless stories of solopreneurs frustrated with the typical process, and I don’t blame them. It goes a little something like this: they fork over enough cash to put a down payment on a house and then spend months on end of never ending emails coordinating between their designer and developer. Amidst the technical difficulties and disagreements, it's a downright nightmare. And to top it all off? After it’s finally all said and done, they're left with a website that they can't even manage themselves. Major palm-to-face moment.

It's about time we rethink the process of launching your brand + website, making it more of a hoopla and less of a headache.


So I dreamed up a better way, breaking all the rules in the industry in the process (you'll quickly learn that I do that often).

Here's the deal:

I want to help you kickass online.


Let’s work together to get your brand + website live in a matter of weeks. Yes, weeks. Because that’s how long it really should take and because your time is best spent working on your business, not your website. And that new website we create? You’ll actually be able to manage it yourself, without knowing a lick of code.

But it gets better.

It's not going to cost you your life's savings.


I know that you’ve taken a bold-hearted risk to make your passion your paycheque. I know, because I've been there. I want you to keep as much of that paycheque as possible. That’s why I streamlined the process to make you kickass online for a fraction of the traditional break-the-bank cost.

And the best part?

It's going to be a hoopla, not a headache.


I’m talking pop, fizz, clink exciting. Because we’re doing so much more than launching a fancy website, we’re launching your brand in all its glory. Making you finally feel like you have something to be shout-from-the-rooftops thrilled about and giving you the confidence to kickass online.

Let's Get Started
Gold Prism Creative

10 things you probably didn't know about me...

01. With no design school or degree in computer programming, I’m a completely self-taught designer & developer. I built my first website at the ripe age of 8 (with some help from my Dad). We’re talking pre-Google days here, when a Guest Book on your website was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I fell in love with the idea that if I could imagine it, I could create it.

02. I went to university and have a fancy piece of paper to prove it. I graduated with a degree in Engineering and worked as an Environmental Engineer for 4 years, pouring over numbers in spreadsheets and dreaming up new ways to protect the planet.

03. I got a crash course in solopreneurship 101 after leaving my engineering career to build my first business, an eCommerce boutique for women’s apparel. I had a pretty good run, but a slight turn in the economy gave me a much needed excuse to admit that I wasn't in love with my business. After making the decision to call it quits, I allowed myself to take an entire month off to see what I naturally gravitated to. I kept coming back to my love affair with code and combined it with my passion to work with solopreneurs to create Gold Prism Creative.

04. I believe in building a life, not just a business. In a culture of busy where the #hustle is glorified, I'm intentionally choosing to build my business on my own terms to live the lifestyle I want.

05. I binge watch all ten seasons of Friends on the regular. I'm most likely watching it right now. I mean, could this show BE any more perfect? And for the record, Ross & Rachel were so on. a. break.

06. If there ever was a textbook introvert, it would be me. My perfect Friday night involves a big glass of red wine at home alone, I wouldn’t think twice about dining solo as a party of one, I always let my phone calls go to voicemail, and am guilty of sneaking away when I find myself in large groups. I spent a good chunk of my life thinking this was a weakness, until recently learning that it's actually one of my greatest strengths.

07. I’m an avid yogi & runner, known to hit my mat or lace up on the daily. It's my escape, where it feels like I hit the pause button & can appreciate truly living in the moment.

08. I ignored my wildly creative side until I was 25 and have since been making up for lost time. I was a math superstar and never the artsy type, so assumed that meant I wasn't creative and focused on my technical talents. Naturally, that lead to my career in engineering. It wasn't until I started my first business when I learned that to be creative is to create and that being artistically inclined isn't a prerequisite.

09. Engineer turned fashion retailer turned graphic designer and web developer. If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm definitely multi-passionate. I've never been one of those people that knew exactly what they wanted to do when they grew up. I was (and still am) the one who wanted to do everything, making entrepreneurship a perfect match for me.

10. I'm a huge wanderluster with a dream to live a location independent lifestyle and travel the world. Wanna come in my suitcase?